Deck Maintenance For NC Weather


The Ultimate Guide to Deck Maintenance for NC Weather In the heart of North Carolina, where the sun blazes in the summer and the rains pour in the spring, your deck stands as a testament to outdoor living and enjoyment. Yet, the very essence of NC’s weather, with its dramatic swings and harsh elements, poses […]

NC Deck Building Codes

Binders with guidelines and regulations documents.

A Comprehensive Guide To NC Deck Building Codes Constructing the ideal deck in North Carolina presents its unique set of challenges, with adherence to the state’s deck building codes being paramount.  This comprehensive guide is designed to navigate you through the critical aspects of deck construction, from choosing the right materials to ensuring compliance with […]

Essential Dock Maintenance Tips from RaynorShine Construction

silhouette of a woman relaxing on a floating dock on a lake at sunset

Essential Dock Maintenance Tips from RaynorShine Construction Building and maintaining a dock is a significant investment in both time and resources. It’s not just about providing a secure place for your boat but also about enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your waterfront property. With RaynorShine Construction, you can ensure that your dock, whether […]

Best Solid Deck Stain: A Comprehensive Guide

Deck painting, worker is painting ipe deck with a painting brush

Best Solid Deck Stain: A Comprehensive Guide Choosing the right deck stain for your outdoor living space can be a daunting task, given the plethora of options available on the market. Whether you’re working with a brand-new wood deck or revitalizing an older one, selecting the best solid deck stain is crucial for both aesthetics […]

Pressure Treated Wood vs. Cedar

Beautiful wooden deck with furniture and lights

Pressure Treated Wood vs. Cedar When planning a deck for your home in North Carolina, choosing between pressure-treated wood and cedar lumber is a crucial decision that hinges on several factors. Pressure-treated wood offers an affordable and durable solution, making it ideal for those prioritizing budget and longevity. On the other hand, cedar wood appeals to […]

Deciding Between PVC and Composite Decking

PVC Decking Vs Composite Decking, multiple decking boards different colors

The choice between PVC and composite decking is crucial. PVC is strong and long-lasting, resists sun damage and pests while being a breeze to clean. Composite decking is more budget-friendly and boasts a wood-like appearance, blending recycled plastics with wood fibers. PVC excels in wet environments, such as pool areas or rain-prone regions, due to […]

Composite Decking: Everything You Need to Know

stairs leading to wooden deck with wooden railings, white siding on house, white framed windows and door, close up view

Lumber and wood shortages force homeowners to look at different materials for their decks. One popular material is composite decking. Composite decking materials are a great alternative to wood decking due to their durability, cost, and range of options. The team at Raynor Shine Construction is here to tell you everything you need to know […]

Build A Deck The Best Way Using These 9 Steps

wooden deck with wooden railing, white siding for house, green shutters for windows

Create An Amazing New Place For Your Backyard And Make The Most Of Your Home It isn’t easy to build a deck, mainly because it takes hard labor and lots of measuring. It can take several days to a week to build a deck yourself. But, the work will be worth it when you’re hosting […]