Dock Building in Pinehurst, NC

Experience the pinnacle of lakeside living with Raynorshine Construction's premier dock building services in Pinehurst, NC!

Dock Building in Pinehurst, NC

Raynorshine Construction is your go-to for elevating lakeside enjoyment with personalized docks that not only enhance water access but also mirror your individual style.

Our expertise lies in tailoring and constructing docks that become the highlight of your waterfront adventures, whether it’s enjoying peaceful mornings by the water or engaging in lively fishing excursions.

Crafted to blend aesthetics with functionality, our docks are designed to complement your home and the surrounding natural beauty. Catering to boating aficionados, water sports lovers, or those seeking a serene waterside retreat, we offer diverse designs to fulfill every requirement.

Designing Your Ideal Dock

Choosing Raynorshine Construction means:

Transform your waterfront property into the retreat of your dreams. Get in touch with us at (910) 985-8064 to kickstart the design of your perfect dock in Pinehurst, NC!

Dock Building Showcase

Take a moment to browse our portfolio, where each dock stands as a testament to our dedication to superior design and impeccable craftsmanship. 

Get inspired for your project:

3 weeks

completion time


starting price

Motivated to upgrade your lakeside experience? Connect with Raynorshine Construction at (910) 985-8064 – let’s make your waterfront living aspirations a reality.

Hearing from Our Satisfied Customers

Our unwavering commitment to excellence in construction is echoed in our clients’ praises. Here’s what they have to say:

I had some flooring work done by this company. They were very professional, did exactly what they agreed to do, and made sure I was completely satisfied with them. They do outstanding work !!!!! Branson Raynor and his crew were a pleasure to work with.

Frankie Keen


Had a fence installed about a year ago, a great company to work with… Well, my neighbor ran slam into my fence twice with his Tahoe and the fence held up with zero damage, unfortunately my security light pole did not… anyways, get a fence installed by RaynorShine… they’ll hold up to just about anything!

Taylor Lee

Pricing Guide for Dock Building in Pinehurst, NC

The cost of building your dock can vary, reflecting the project’s scale, chosen materials, and complexity of design. Here’s a guide to potential investments for dock construction in Pinehurst, NC:
Short and basic dock

Base Dock Building*

Starting at $14k, this includes a 12x16 ft dock with pressure-treated decking, ideal for those seeking simplicity and functionality.

gray-blue dock with railing and a medium sized boat with water, sky, and a house in background

Average Dock Building*

Ranging from $40k-48k, this option features a 200-300 sq. ft. dock with composite decking, stainless steel fasteners, and boat cleats, perfect for a balance of quality and aesthetics.

large brown pier with light colored railings leading to a covered dock and a blue sky and water background

High-End Dock Building*

Starting from $100k+, for those desiring the ultimate luxury, including a 200-300 sq ft dock with titan decking, stainless steel fasteners, partial covers, and a boat lift.

Please note, these are ballpark figures. For a precise quote tailored to your specific needs, schedule an on-site consultation with us (910) 985-8064.

Dock Cost By Type

Stationary Docks Cost per sq. ft
Piling (wood) $20 - $40
Crib $50 - $100
Suspension / lift-up $25 - $50
Double-decker $30 - $50
Boathouse / covered $40 - $90
Removable docks Cost per sq. ft
Floating Docks $15 - $35
Aluminum pipe dock $20 - $40
Modular $30 - $45
Wheel-in / roll-in $25 - $40

These estimates serve as a general guide. For a detailed, personalized quote, please reach out to us at (910) 985-8064.

Factors Influencing Your Dock Building Investment

Guiding Your Dock Building Project

Raynorshine Construction ensures a smooth journey from concept to completion, focusing on clear budgeting and timely execution to bring your vision to life.


We provide comprehensive budgeting advice, exploring solutions that respect your finances while delivering exceptional quality and value.


Our commitment is to efficient project completion, keeping you informed throughout the process to anticipate the enjoyment of your new dock without undue delay.

Your Dock Building Experience with Raynorshine Construction

Embarking on a dock building project with us is a seamless journey:





We align closely with your vision and requirements from the start.


Our skilled team brings your custom dock to life, ensuring durability and style.
Tranquil Southern Pines dock, reflective lake, lush greenery.


Welcome to your new waterfront feature, ready to enrich your lakeside moments for years to come.

Reach out to Raynorshine Construction at (910) 985-8064 to embark on the path to exceptional dock building in Pinehurst.

Sunlit dock building scene with calm lake reflections.

FAQs about Dock Building in Pinehurst, NC

The duration can vary based on design intricacies and material delivery, with most projects completing within 3 to 6 weeks.

Material choice is critical, from cost-effective pressure-treated wood to durable composite decking and lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum. 

Each option offers distinct advantages in terms of appearance, maintenance, and longevity. We’ll guide you through the options to select the best fit for your waterfront lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Absolutely! Whether you envision integrated seating for sunset viewings, a secure boat lift for easy water access, or ambient lighting for evening gatherings, we can incorporate a range of custom features to enhance the functionality and enjoyment of your dock.

Yes, obtaining a permit is typically necessary for dock construction to ensure compliance with local regulations and environmental guidelines. 

We can handle the permitting process for you, making sure your dock meets all legal requirements and standards for safety and environmental protection.

owner headshot

Branson Raynor

Elevate Your Lakeside Living in Pinehurst with Raynorshine Construction

Start your journey toward exceptional waterfront living with a custom-built dock by Raynorshine Construction. Our expert team is ready to transform your vision into a stunning, functional extension of your home in Pinehurst, NC.

Contact us today at (910) 985-8064 to discuss your dock building project and take the first step towards your dream waterfront retreat.

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