Deck Repair in Four Oaks, NC

Revitalize your outdoor space with Raynorshine Construction's exceptional deck repair services in Four Oaks, NC!

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At Raynorshine Construction, we are passionate about breathing new life into your deck, transforming it into the highlight of your outdoor living area. Our team specializes in detailed deck restoration, improving their aesthetics, functionality, and safety, making them the ideal backdrop for relaxation and entertainment. From minor fixes to full-scale renovations, we’re equipped to handle all aspects of your deck’s restoration needs.

We excel in repairing decks to restore their beauty, functionality, and safety, turning them into the perfect setting for your leisure and entertainment moments. 

Whether it’s for hosting social events, enjoying quiet moments, or providing a secure play area for children, our restoration services are customized to fit your unique lifestyle preferences.

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Revitalize Your Deck in Four Oaks, NC

Selecting Raynorshine Construction for your deck repair needs means you’re choosing:

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Our Deck Repair Portfolio

Dive into our portfolio to see the diverse range of decks we’ve revitalized, showcasing our dedication to quality and design. Let our past projects inspire you:

3 weeks

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Moved by our transformations? Contact Raynorshine Construction at (910) 985-8064 – let’s restore the glory of your deck.

Hear From Our Delighted Customers

Listen to our happy customers who praise our expertise in deck restoration:


I had some flooring work done by this company. They were very professional, did exactly what they agreed to do, and made sure I was completely satisfied with them. They do outstanding work !!!!! Branson Raynor and his crew were a pleasure to work with.

Frankie Keen


Had a fence installed about a year ago, a great company to work with… Well, my neighbor ran slam into my fence twice with his Tahoe and the fence held up with zero damage, unfortunately my security light pole did not… anyways, get a fence installed by RaynorShine… they’ll hold up to just about anything!

Taylor Lee

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Don’t wait to enhance your waterfront living. Reach out to Raynorshine Construction and start creating your perfect dock today. Contact us at (910) 985-8064 for a consultation and let’s bring your vision to life with expertise and care.

Deck Repair Costs in Four Oaks, NC

A well-maintained deck not only enhances your home’s appeal but also your quality of life. Here’s an overview of what you might expect for deck repair costs:

stairway codes

Minor Repairs*

Starting around $250, covering quick fixes like loose boards or railings, ensuring safety and functionality.

a decking boards replacement job

Moderate Repairs*

Typically ranging from $500 to $2,500, addressing issues such as broken planks, structural reinforcements, or extensive staining.

deck repair project

Major Overhauls*

Starting from $2,500, for comprehensive repairs that might include replacing significant portions of the deck, updating materials, or complete restorations for a like-new condition.

These estimates provide a general guideline. For an accurate assessment tailored to your deck’s specific needs, please schedule a consultation with us at (910) 985-8064.

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Deck Repair with Raynorshine Construction

Our restoration process is designed to be seamless and tailored to your preferences. We plan our approach around your budget and timeline, ensuring your project is completed to your utmost satisfaction, efficiently and effectively.


We provide in-depth budgeting advice for your deck restoration, finding options that meet your financial and design desires. Our aim is to offer outstanding value and quality.


We prioritize fast and efficient repair work, understanding your excitement to enjoy your renovated deck. We ensure to keep the project on track, updating you regularly to facilitate your outdoor plans.

Your Deck Repair Journey with Raynorshine Construction

Embarking on a deck repair project with us is a seamless experience:





We engage in a detailed discussion to understand your deck’s present condition and your vision for its renewal.


With our expertise, we carefully tackle every restoration detail, prioritizing lasting appeal and practicality.

Barbeque on wooden deck with white railing.


Upon completion, your rejuvenated deck awaits, ready to host new and cherished memories.

Man repairing deck by changing rotten deck planks.

FAQs About Deck Repair in Four Oaks, NC

Our services range from securing loose boards, replacing rotten wood, to structural enhancements, surface refinishing, and complete deck overhauls. Our team is prepared for both small adjustments and major renovations.

We’re equipped to handle both minor fixes and major overhauls.

Yes, we specialize in matching repair materials to your existing deck to ensure a seamless look. Our goal is to make the repaired sections blend in with the rest of your deck as closely as possible.

The duration of deck repair projects can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the specific repairs needed. Minor repairs might take only a day or two, while more extensive restorations could require several days. 

We provide an estimated timeline before beginning work to set the right expectations.

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Branson Raynor

Live Out Your Watefront Dreams

Raynorshine Construction is not just about making repairs; we’re here to transform your outdoor space in Four Oaks, NC, into a cherished part of your home.

Call us at (910) 985-8064 now, and let’s breathe new life into your deck!

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