Deck Repair in Angier, NC

Revitalize your outdoor space with Raynorshine Construction's exceptional deck repair services in Angier, NC!

Deck Repair in Angier, NC

Raynorshine Construction is dedicated to rejuvenating your deck, ensuring it becomes a central part of your outdoor living space. 

We excel in repairing decks to restore their beauty, functionality, and safety, turning them into the perfect setting for your leisure and entertainment moments. From minor fixes to major refurbishments, our team is equipped to address all aspects of deck repair.

Our repair services are focused on both aesthetics and durability, aiming to match your deck seamlessly with your home’s style while ensuring it withstands the test of time.

Whether you enjoy hosting gatherings, basking in the solitude of your outdoor space, or simply seeking a safe play area for your kids, we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.

Deck repair half done, half in the process.

Reviving Your Deck in Angier, NC

Selecting Raynorshine Construction for your deck repair needs means you’re choosing:

Bring your deck back to life and enhance your outdoor living experience. Get in touch with us at (910) 985-8064 to start the transformation of your deck in Angier, NC!

Our Deck Repair Portfolio

Dive into our portfolio to see the diverse range of decks we’ve revitalized, showcasing our dedication to quality and design. Let our past projects inspire you:

3 weeks

completion time


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Moved by our transformations? Contact Raynorshine Construction at (910) 985-8064 – let’s restore the glory of your deck.

Hear From Our Delighted Customers

Our satisfied clients are a testament to our commitment to excellence in deck repair. Listen to their stories:

I had some flooring work done by this company. They were very professional, did exactly what they agreed to do, and made sure I was completely satisfied with them. They do outstanding work !!!!! Branson Raynor and his crew were a pleasure to work with.

Frankie Keen


Had a fence installed about a year ago, a great company to work with… Well, my neighbor ran slam into my fence twice with his Tahoe and the fence held up with zero damage, unfortunately my security light pole did not… anyways, get a fence installed by RaynorShine… they’ll hold up to just about anything!

Taylor Lee

owner headshot

Don’t wait to enhance your waterfront living in Buckhorn Township, NC. Reach out to Raynorshine Construction and start creating your perfect dock today. Contact us at (910) 985-8064 for a consultation and let’s bring your vision to life with expertise and care.

Deck Repair Costs in Angier, NC

A well-maintained deck not only enhances your home’s appeal but also your quality of life. Here’s an overview of what you might expect for deck repair costs in Angier, NC:
stairway codes

Minor Repairs*

Starting around $250, covering quick fixes like loose boards or railings, ensuring safety and functionality.

a decking boards replacement job

Moderate Repairs*

Typically ranging from $500 to $2,500, addressing issues such as broken planks, structural reinforcements, or extensive staining.

deck repair project

Major Overhauls*

Starting from $2,500, for comprehensive repairs that might include replacing significant portions of the deck, updating materials, or complete restorations for a like-new condition.

These estimates provide a general guideline. For an accurate assessment tailored to your deck’s specific needs, please schedule a consultation with us at (910) 985-8064.

cedar wood decking on white house

Guiding You Through Your Deck Repair

Our approach to deck repair with Raynorshine Construction is designed to be straightforward, focusing on your needs and expectations. 

This section outlines how we manage budgeting and timelines to ensure your project is completed to your satisfaction, efficiently and transparently.


We offer detailed budget guidance for your deck repair project, exploring various options to find a solution that fits your financial and aesthetic requirements. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value and quality without compromise.


Your anticipation for enjoying a refreshed deck is our priority, which is why we emphasize timely, efficient repairs. Raynorshine Construction is dedicated to completing your project on schedule, with regular updates so you can look forward to using your outdoor space again.

Your Deck Repair Journey with Raynorshine Construction

Embarking on a deck repair project with us is a seamless experience:





We start by understanding your deck’s issues and your vision for the repair.


Utilizing our expertise, we meticulously address each repair need, focusing on durability and aesthetics.
Barbeque on wooden deck with white railing.


With the repairs complete, we reintroduce you to your enhanced deck, ready for enjoyment and creating new memories.
Man repairing deck by changing rotten deck planks.

FAQs about Deck Repair in Angier, NC

Raynorshine Construction offers a comprehensive range of deck repair services, including fixing loose boards, replacing damaged or rotted wood, structural reinforcements, refinishing surfaces, and full deck restorations. 

We’re equipped to handle both minor fixes and major overhauls.

Yes, we specialize in matching repair materials to your existing deck to ensure a seamless look. Our goal is to make the repaired sections blend in with the rest of your deck as closely as possible.

The duration of deck repair projects can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the specific repairs needed. Minor repairs might take only a day or two, while more extensive restorations could require several days. 

We provide an estimated timeline before beginning work to set the right expectations.

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Branson Raynor

Live Out Your Watefront Dreams

Raynorshine Construction goes beyond just fixing decks; we aim to elevate your outdoor living experience in Angier, NC. 

Call us at (910) 985-8064 now, and let’s breathe new life into your deck, making it a space you cherish.

Discover Angier, NC, a vibrant community with a rich heritage and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy the tranquility of Jack Marley Park or the lively events at Angier Bike Fest. Experience the unique charm of Angier and its inviting outdoor spaces today.