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Maximize your waterfront enjoyment with Raynorshine Construction's premium dock building in Angier, NC.

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Imagine the tranquility of having your own exclusive waterfront gateway, right in your backyard in Angier, NC. A haven where you can escape the daily hustle, or host memorable gatherings. Your dream can become a reality with Raynorshine Construction.

Specializing in both stationary and floating docks, we handle design, permits, and installation, ensuring optimal functionality and compliance with local regulations. Let us build your waterfront paradise.

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Experience an Unparalleled Waterfront Lifestyle With Raynorshine Construction

Our expertly designed docks, tailored to your specific needs, offer more than just access to the water. They provide a unique waterfront lifestyle, elevating your home’s aesthetic appeal, and enhancing your recreational experience. Choose Raynorshine Construction for a dock that becomes an extension of your home, a personal retreat, and a gathering spot for friends and family.

Enjoy a service unique to Angier, NC:

Discover the Quality Difference with Our Project Portfolio

Explore our diverse portfolio of dock projects to witness first-hand the superior craftsmanship and innovation that sets Raynorshine Construction apart in Angier, NC. Our previous work stands testament to our commitment, quality, and expertise in dock building.

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Contact us today with your dream dock project details. Whether you’re wondering about the available features or need a personalized quote, our dedicated team is ready to answer all your questions. Call us at (910) 985-8064, or send us a message. Let’s bring your waterfront vision to life in Angier, NC.

Hear From Our Delighted Dock Owners

We’ve helped homeowners in Greenwood, Papillion, Bellevue, Omaha, and surrounding areas revitalize and enjoy their decks. Hear their feedback and discover what they have to say about our exceptional services.
He does exceptional work. Highly recommend him.



I had some flooring work done by this company. They were very professional, did exactly what they agreed to do, and made sure I was completely satisfied with them.

They do outstanding work !!!!! Branson Raynor and his crew were a pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend them and will for sure use them again in the future!!! Lynn Ruark


Average Dock Building Cost In Angier, NC

When considering the cost of dock building in Angier, NC, it’s essential to factor in several elements. On average, dock construction costs range from $40k to $48k. This estimate includes the construction of a 200-300 sq ft dock furnished with composite decking, stainless steel fasteners, and boat cleats.

At Raynorshine Construction, we ensure this investment delivers unparalleled value, transforming your waterfront into a personal paradise. Remember, the cost can vary based on customization, but rest assured, we’ll tailor a solution to complement your budget and vision.

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Base Dock Construction*


Includes constructing a 12x16 ft dock with pressure treated decking.

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Average Dock Construction*


Includes constructing a 200-300 sq ft dock with composite decking, stainless steel fasteners, and boat cleats.

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High-End Dock Construction*


Includes constructing a 200-300 sq ft dock with titan decking, stainless steel fasteners, covers for a portion of the dock, and a boat lift.

Please note that the prices mentioned above are estimates derived from our past projects. For a more precise quote tailored to your specific project details and personal preferences, kindly reach out to our dedicated team at Raynorshine Construction.

Factors Influencing Dock Building Cost in Angier, NC

When building a dock, several factors can affect the total cost. Here are some key considerations:
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Effortless Dock Building in Angier, NC: Your Budget and Schedule Are Our Priority

We understand your concerns regarding budget and timeline. At Raynorshine Construction, we ensure a smooth and affordable dock building process that respects your time.
Investing in dock building is a wise financial move, enhancing your property’s value and allure. Besides the immediate joy of an elegant, personalized waterfront access, docks are a sought-after feature that increases a property’s market desirability, offering a high return on investment when selling your home.
At Raynorshine Construction, our expert team is committed to delivering high-quality dock building within the promised timeframe, without any project delays. We understand the significance of your time and ensure we leave your premises spotless upon project completion. Trust us to uphold professionalism and efficiency throughout the process.

Experience Dock Building Simplicity with Raynorshine Construction

We make dock building in Angier, NC, a breeze with our straightforward, three-step process. Our approach is designed to let you sit back and enjoy the journey, while we handle the complexities.

1. Collaborate

We kick off your project with in-depth discussions to understand your vision and requirements.

2. Build

Our team takes over, handling permits, materials, and construction, transforming your dream into a tangible reality.

3. Enjoy

You relish the fruits of our labor, stepping onto a well-crafted, personalized dock, ready to create lasting memories.

Dock Building In Angier, NC - FAQs

While it’s technically possible to build your own dock, it involves considerable planning, manual labor, and understanding of local regulations and permits.

At Raynorshine Construction, we highly recommend entrusting this task to experienced professionals to ensure safety, durability, and legal compliance. Our team handles all aspects, from design and permits to construction and inspections, delivering a high-quality dock that enhances your waterfront lifestyle.

A deck and a dock, while similar in construction, serve different functions. A deck is an extension of your home or property, often elevated, that provides additional outdoor living space. It’s typically attached to a house and can be customized with various features, such as built-in seating, planters, and gazebos.

On the other hand, a dock is constructed over water, providing access for swimming, fishing, or mooring boats. Docks can be stationary, fixed to the seabed, or floating on the water surface. They can also be equipped with various features like boat lifts and benches.

In essence, while both structures provide outdoor space, decks are for land, docks are for water.

Yes, typically, permits are required for dock building in Angier, NC. These permits ensure that your dock complies with local regulations, environmental standards, and safety guidelines.

At Raynorshine Construction, we simplify this process by handling all necessary permits and inspections for our projects. This way, you can rest assured that your dock is not only beautiful and functional but also fully compliant with all local requirements.

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Elevate Your Waterfront Experience with Raynorshine Construction

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Branson Raynor

Ready to transform your waterfront property with our exceptional dock building services in Angier, NC? Don’t wait – partner with us today and embark on a seamless journey to create your dream dock. Your vision, coupled with our expertise, promises a dock that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Dial (910) 985-8064 or click the button below to send us a message. Take the first step towards elevating your waterfront lifestyle right now!

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Angier, NC, is a charming town brimming with Southern hospitality. It’s home to the Angier Depot, a historic railway depot turned museum that showcases the town’s rich history. Visitors can also explore the Jack Marley Park, a vibrant space featuring sports facilities, walking trails, and a playground. Don’t miss the Crepe Myrtle Celebration, an annual event celebrating Angier’s status as the Crepe Myrtle Capital of the World, with food, music, and an array of family-friendly activities.