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Decks are all about spending more time outdoors in solitary bliss or surrounded by those you love. They also boost your property’s aesthetic appeal and market value. But to make it all happen, you need the right company for deck building in Angier, NC. 

Leveraging a variety of materials such as wood, composite, and PVC decking, we handle all permits and inspections to deliver top-tier decks that blend functionality and style within one to three weeks.

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Experience the Stellar Transformation of Your Outdoor Space

Why choose Raynorshine Construction? Simply because we redefine your outdoor living experience! Our unparalleled craftsmanship ensures your deck becomes the ideal space for memorable family gatherings and a tranquil retreat, enhancing your property’s appeal.

Trust us to navigate the complexities of deck building skillfully:

Elevate Your Expectations Through Our Portfolio

Dive into our extensive project portfolio that showcases our expertise in deck building. Each completed project is a testament to our commitment to quality and client satisfaction. It’s more than a gallery; it’s your window into the transformation we can bring to your outdoor space.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out! Give us a call at (910) 985-8064, or send us a message with your project details. We’re here to answer any questions and provide a personalized quote. Let Raynorshine Construction transform your outdoor living space today!

Understanding the Cost of Deck Building in Angier, NC

When considering the cost of deck building in Angier, NC, it’s important to note that price varies significantly based on your specific requirements and desired materials.

For a basic deck construction using pressure-treated lumber, including a 12×12 ft deck with one set of steps and wooden handrails, you can expect the cost to start at $8k.

If you’re looking for a larger and more detailed structure, an average deck construction involving a 16×20 ft composite deck with hidden fasteners, steps, aluminum railings, and a privacy wall, the price ranges from $24k-28k.

For those seeking extravagance, our high-end deck construction includes a premium composite deck with hidden fasteners, steps, aluminum railing, accent lighting, and a partial roof or arbor, with prices starting at $51k.

Type of Deck Average Price What’s Included
Base Deck $8,000
  • 12x12 ft pressure treated lumber deck
  • Deck steps
  • Deck railings
Average Deck $24,000 - $28,000
  • 16x20 ft composite deck
  • Hidden fasteners
  • Deck steps
  • Aluminum railings
  • Privacy wall
High-End Deck $51,000+
  • Large premium composite deck
  • Hidden fasteners
  • Deck steps
  • Aluminum railings
  • Partial roof
  • Accent lighting

Please note that the prices provided above are estimates based on our past deck building projects in Angier, NC. As each deck is a unique blend of your preferences and our expertise, the actual cost may vary. We need to understand your project details and preferences to provide you with a more accurate quote. 

Reach out to us at Raynorshine Construction at (910) 985-8064, or drop us a message with your project details. We’re excited to start this journey with you!

Understanding the Cost of Deck Building in Angier, NC

While we aim to make your deck building project as cost-effective as possible, it’s important to understand that several variables can increase the overall price. Here are some factors to consider:

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Shed Your Worries: We Master Budget and Deadlines in Deck Building

We understand your concerns about the time and budget implications when considering deck building in Angier, NC. At Raynorshine Construction, our transparent and customer-centric approach ensures that we stay within your budget and timeline, without compromising on quality.

Investing in deck building in Angier, NC is not just about enhancing your outdoor living space, it’s a wise financial decision too. A well-built deck increases your property’s market value, offering an impressive return on investment when selling your home. With Raynorshine Construction, profitability pairs with pleasure.
At Raynorshine Construction, we pride ourselves on professionalism, delivering on our promises, and adhering to predetermined timeframes with zero delays. Moreover, we leave your space as immaculate as we found it, ensuring a clean and pleasant environment post-construction. Trust us for timely, top-notch deck building in Angier, NC.

Deck Building Made Easy: Your Journey to Hassle-free Outdoor Living

Savor the simplicity of our 3-step process for deck building in Angier, NC – all the expertise, none of the headache. We’ve got everything covered.

1. Collaborate

We team up with you, shaping your unique deck vision into a feasible design.

2. Build

Our seasoned craftsmen transform the design into a sturdy, elegant deck.

3. Enjoy

Upon completion, your dream deck is ready for memorable outdoor moments.

FAQs About Deck Building In Angier, NC

The cost of deck building in Angier, NC, can vary significantly depending on material choice and deck dimensions. For instance, a basic 12×12 ft pressure-treated lumber deck starts at $8k, while a larger, more detailed 16×20 ft composite deck ranges from $24k-28k.

For a premium composite deck complete with special features like accent lighting and a partial roof, costs begin at $51k. Please contact us at Raynorshine Construction for a more precise quote based on your specific requirements.

Yes, a permit is generally required for deck building in Angier, NC. However, at Raynorshine Construction, we handle all the necessary permits and inspections as part of our comprehensive service, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process for our clients.

This allows you to focus on the exciting aspects of your project while we take care of the technicalities.

Absolutely, building a deck is a worthwhile investment. It extends your living space, provides an area for relaxation and social gatherings, and increases the aesthetic appeal of your home. Moreover, a well-constructed deck can significantly enhance your property’s value, offering a promising return on investment should you decide to sell.

At Raynorshine Construction, we ensure your deck not only meets but exceeds your expectations, creating a seamless blend of functionality, beauty, and durability.


Harness the Power of Exceptional Deck Building

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Make your outdoor living dream a reality with Raynorshine Construction. Partner with us for your deck building project in Angier, NC, and experience our commitment to quality, timely delivery, and exceptional customer service. Ready to start?

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